labeling GMO food

I’ve heard several people ask, “If it’s Organic it’s not GMO, right?” The answer to that is NO. Just because a food is organic does NOT mean it’s GMO free! Santa Cruz Organic, Lara Bar, Cascadian Farm, Horizon Organics – ALL owned by big agribusiness and therefore GMO. Don’t be fooled.

Sadly, California’s Proposition 37 and the right to know if your food is genetically mutated didn’t pass tonight. Why? Because the campaign in opposition (which received > $32 million in funding) told people that if it passed the cost of their groceries would increase. Monsanto funded half of the “No” campaign proving they would have a lot to lose if it passed. Did you know GMO’s are illegal in most other countries? Makes me wonder what Monsanto is really hiding and what the long term effect of GMO ingestion will be?

Here’s some clever insight from Bill Maher on GMO’s and Monsanto:

I care about my health, have opposed GMO’s since the mid 90’s when they were introduced widely, and I want to know if my food is affected so I can make a conscious choice. Furthermore, I want to maintain a diverse food supply which is severely affected by cross pollination of GMO crops!

Whole Foods Market is labeling their products and I’ve sent a letter to Trader Joe’s to do the same. November 14th is Trader Joe’s 10th anniversary of their pledge to get Monsanto and its genetically engineered ingredients out of their store brand products.

I would like to share this website with a comprehensive list of GMO products to help you make informed decisions:

I wish it didn’t have to be a research project every time I go to the grocery store… Two more years and I really hope we see a proposition like 37 on the ballot again or better yet, our re-elected president will pass a federal law… in fact, here’s a petition you can sign to require the FDA to label all food that contains Genetically Modified Organisms. Take a moment to sign and be the cause of progress!

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3 thoughts on “labeling GMO food

  1. gcgrann November 11, 2012 / 3:35 pm

    Excellent article. Thanks for posting my link from Shift Frequency. Blessings, Gillian

    • Rabekah November 11, 2012 / 3:42 pm

      Gillian, thanks for compiling the list!

  2. Irma June 3, 2013 / 1:31 am

    Cascadian Farms and Larabar affirm on their website that their food products are GMO free and they explain that they are certified organic, which means that they are GMO free. They are in the process of providing a certificate certifying this.

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