From “fat” to “skinny”

“You are not fat. You have fat. Like you are not fingernail. You have fingernails.” ~ Author Unknown

SO very much has occurred since I last touched base! It’s been a trip, y’all. The long and the short of it is I have done a lot of traveling and soul-seeking. Moving cities twice now, I’ve found a very happy home in Portland, Oregon, and I’ve reaffirmed that my passion and purpose is to help others transform into their healthiest in body, mind, and spirit.

I have also lost 80+ lbs by following the ketogenic diet. (!!!) “Keto” as it’s called, is a low-carbohydrate, high healthy fat, and moderate protein diet. It’s a totally different metabolic process than the glucose burning process most of us are accustomed to. How it works, is in the absence of carbohydrates (which turn into sugar/glucose to fuel the body), the body naturally produces something called “ketones” and uses both healthy fat ingested and excess body fat as fuel. Alas, I’ve have been fueled by my own fat as it melted away from my form. Not only that, but being in “ketosis” as it’s called has reversed my hypo-thyroidism, pre-diabetes, hormonal imbalance, eliminated my insomnia, and naturally stabilized my mood. (And I will admit, I was an emotional rollercoaster before!)

Going from an obese to a slim figure has been a (sometimes scary) revolution in itself. The body image issues and confidence that have triggered and risen to the surface are something I plan to speak on more.

This is me shortly before committing to the ketogenic diet in February 2016 and me today.


And I’m not done yet… I am about 9 months into a one year nutrition and health coaching program with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and SUPER excited about being a coach and support to others interest in becoming healthier and losing weight.

More to come. And needless to say, I am NOT fingernail.


give me something to chew on

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