What I’ll be eating Superbowl Sunday

What do you think when you think of professional sports?

Competition? Wearing your team colors? The social aspect? Where you’ll be watching the game?

Either when I’m watching the game from a home, a bar, or heading down to the stadium, I can’t help but think of what food & drinks will complement my sporting experience.

I’m heading over to a Superbowl party this afternoon and I’m planning to bring the fixings for these Paleo Margaritas


They come from Danielle Walker’s paleo inspired blog, Against All Grain. She also has a cookbook I highly recommend!

A couple weeks ago, the below picture came up in my Instagram feed and I have been dreaming/drooling about it ever since. I couldn’t help but order one. So, on my way over to the party, I’m swinging by the 4505 Meats Butcher Shop to pick up one of these babies.


It’s not gluten free or paleo but my god, will you look at that thing!?! It gives new meaning to “Go long!”

Whether or not football is your thing, may your day be filled with culinary delights!